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We are specialized in wedding photography. We believe in the saying that every picture tells a story and we give our 100% in providing true color and clarity to bring the story into life.

We aspire to be best in our business, and to be the best first thing between the client and our team will the equipment we use and we believe we have best of them. A photo is important to be shot in every angle possible. And once the moment is passed by we won’t get a second chance to capture it. I’m Nikon lover, Using high end full frame digital camera, top of the range professional lenses, lightning gear and modifiers.

Talking about religious rituals, in the beginning when we started our business we did not know about any religious rituals other than our own. And now we are happy that we have grown well and we are confident enough to shoot any traditional weddings with satisfaction of the client. Whenever we get a booking, we start to dig all about the religious rituals of the client from all the ways possible. At the end of the day all we believe in is client’s satisfaction.

Before confirming the booking we would suggest you to meet, discuss and then pay 25% in advance to hold the date and confirm the booking.

Well, I’d say as soon as you make up your mind. And until the booking amount is received we can’t hold the date for you. So as soon as you think about the wedding, think of capturing all the moments beautifully and our team will help you out with it.

We would definitely suggest meeting in person before booking, just contact us and we will discuss about the meeting. And price can be discussed during the meeting.

We try our best to fit you in our pricing packages, but making photography is a difficult and expensive activity, And we do not like compromising on our equipment or talent!

If the booking is cancelled after paying the advance then 10% will be refunded to the client

• 25% advance to confirm the booking and hold the date.
• 50% after a week of the wedding.
• Remaining 25% when you receive the album.

We can understand that everyone will be curious to see their weddings photographs and upload them everywhere on social media. So we just want them to see the best version of it after all the post production works are done. It normally takes 4-5weeks to get the best out of your pictures and 4-6weeks for video and 6-8weekss for wedding films. And after the selection of pictures which you want to be there in the album we take 20-25days to get the best quality album. You might be wondering 20-25days is too long. It can be done soon too, but to get the best quality and best design as we have promised we send it to cities like Bangalore or Hyderabad and it takes time for the courier and stuffs

All of my wedding photography includes high resolution photo book, wedding films in a pen drive, high resolution edited soft copies, prints.

Weeks after wedding whele other vendors have long since moved on to others projects, we'll be the only ones still working on your wedding. A lot of people tend to see wedding photography as just the 10odd hours the photographer shoots on a day. But by our calculation we spend atleast around 40hrs for a wedding. Right from the first meeting till it comes to a mode when we have sleepless nights. Is it still expensive?